Aloka Prosound 6

Gebruikt / Tweedehands

Compact echosysteem voor verschillende toepassingen van spreekkamer tot OK


Multifunctioneel inzetbaar



High-performance LCD Monitor
The characteristics of the high-quality LCD monitor are adjusted to optimize diagnostic viewing of ultrasound images.

Extended Pure Harmonic Detection (ExPHD™)
Harmonic Echo using phase shift is equipped as standard, which has been available only on higher models. Multiple echoes and side lobes are greatly reduced for clear and easy-to-observe images, enhancing patient throughput.

Mounted with Edge Enhancement Function (AIP)
The Edge Enhancement function mounted also on higher models of the ProSound series is equipped as standard. Intima images are enhanced for greater clarity; in musculoskeletal imaging, the periphery of the tissue is enhanced for clearer observation; and in breast imaging, lesions are finely depicted.

Digital Image Management

  • Built-in compact flash memory
  • USB memory port
  • CD-R drive (optional)

Accepts Wideband Super High Density (W-SHD) probes as used in the higher models. The system can be applied to a wide variety of fields including biopsy using a micro convex sector probe.

Comes with measuring and report functions for each field.